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About us

Giovanni Scorcioni, the founder, transformed his passion for the extraordinary world of antique books into Codices Illustres.

Based upon the principles of professionality and efficiency, not to mention our in-depth knowledge of facsimile publishing, Codice Illustres provides a priceless resource to libraries, universities and museums.

To achieve its mission, Codices Illustres collaborates with important editorial partners, who share our ideals and who have enthusiastically teamed up with us for this project.

Our services



best quality
editorial products

You can rely on Codices Illustres to help enrich the illuminated manuscript facsimile collection of your cultural institution. We guarantee a personalized service, with a prompt, professional and up-to-date answer to any request. Our catalogue contains what we consider to be some of the most significant works in the world of facsimile manuscripts, which haven’t to date been distributed on a worldwide scale. We take great pride in offering high-quality facsimile manuscripts by carefully selecting only those editorial companies renowned for being professional and putting an interest for culture above everything else. Only through entrusting our catalogued works with editors of an unquestionable competence are we able to offer genuine facsimile reproductions, worthy of being used as authentic study material.



efficient, personalized
and dynamic service

Carefully and promptly responding to your requests. Sending you detailed informative material, supported by a scientific bibliography. Arranging fast, inexpensive and, above all, safe delivery. These are just a few of the services that our organization provides to customers worldwide.

Further services

If you would like to receive detailed information on our illuminated manuscript facsimiles, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are in a position to provide you with difficult-to-find facsimile manuscripts. Should we not be able to directly supply what you are looking for, we can assist you in finding and buying the edition you seek, for example by obtaining convenient purchasing conditions on works that are not to be found in our catalogue.



best purchasing terms
for Cultural Institutions

During negotiations with our business partners, the main aim of Codices Illustres was to attain the best possible purchasing conditions, which as a consequence we reserve exclusively for public authorities, institutions, museums, libraries etc. These cultural centers are the most suitable places for facsimile editions of ancient manuscripts, maps and rare books to be admired and studied by a vast number of end-users. This ensures that the original works are safeguarded, which ultimately is the reason for which facsimile manuscripts are published in the first place.

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