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Giovanni Scorcioni

Founder and Managing Director of Codices Illustres

Giovanni Scorcioni, managing director at Codices Illustres

Giovanni, who has always had a certain passion for art, has dedicated his energies to developing Codices Illustres following a long period of time in close contact with another form of art, that of classical music. As a freelance doublebass player for some of the most prestigious Italian orchestras, he has spent the last three years under the direction of Riccardo Muti and other important conductors (Y. Temirkanov, R. Barshai, E. Inbal). During his musical and artistic studies, he was in close contact with some of the greatest masters of double-bass, among whom Martin Dobner, at the prestigious J. Gutenberg Universitaet in Mainz (Germany), who he still remembers with great affection and admiration. During the same period he graduated at the faculty of Literature and Philosophy - department of music and art - at the University of Bologna, with his dissertation being on the structural development of the doublebass (professor Gianni Zanarini, physics department).

When not busy with illuminated manuscript facsimiles, universities and libraries from all over the world, he spends his leisure time with his wife Giulia (who also happens to be involved in the editorial field), with his baby son Leonardo or trying to wake Oreste & Elettra up.