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An unanswered question? Just ask!

  • Prices
  • Do you really offer the lowest prices?
    Yes. In the working relationships that we forge with publishers, we make sure we receive the best sales terms to reserve to cultural institutions. Those publishers who trust their works with Codices Illustres have assured us that the conditions that they offer cultural institutes are the best available at the time of publishing and can be verified in our price list, which always display the expiry date of an offer.
  • What do you mean by "substantial discount" offered to Cultural Institutions?
    We offer optimum purchasing conditions to Cultural Institutions.
    If you want to request the price list showing our best conditions, use the contact form.
    If you want to know why, read the "About" page ("Our Services" section).
  • Some prices are at request. Why?
    Some titles from our catalogue are covered by a strict exclusivity contract in some countries. For this reason, we are not allowed to publish their price. If you want to receive the complete price list with the discounts we reserve for Cultural Institutions, just use the contact form. If you are private collector, feel free to ask for a price list with the best offers reserved to you.
  • Private collectors
  • Do you sell exclusively to universities and libraries or also to private collectors?
    Codices Illustres offers a specialized service dedicated first and foremost to cultural institutions. Nonetheless, we are more than willing to offer our services and expertise to private collectors, who would like to enrich their private collections with carefully selected valuable works. Contact us for more information.
  • I would like to see your catalogue!
    To browse our catalogue, select the genre (Illuminated Manuscripts, Incunables, Rare Books, Cartography) then choose a title from the menu that appears on the left side of the page.
    Or just search the website using the tool on the upper left of the screen.
  • Librarians/Scholars
  • I’m looking for an illuminated manuscript facsimile by an author related to.......: would you be able to find it for me?
    Yes. We are specialized in finding facsimiles that are essential to your studies: you can either give us a specific title, or ask us to find works which are relevant to your area of interest. We would use all of our competence in order to put you in contact with the publisher of the right facsimile, and to get you the best deal!
  • I have seen the facsimile ‘XYZ’ by a publisher who you represent at a lower price on another site!
    It could be possible that you have seen a lower price than ours published on another site. However, prices that you see published on other sites are often misleading and are perhaps for an incomplete or out of date edition. These prices often even refer to works sold 5/6 years ago and never updated. Bear in mind that publishers generally offer the best deals to those who purchase in the months immediately prior to a new edition being published and then tend to increase prices once the facsimile has been published.
  • Others
  • Virtual book?
    Please, note that the virtual books you find on are website are PARTIAL reproduction of the facsimiles. The page movement is based on Flash technology, so you should have the plugin installed. If you don't have it, try this: Google Flash Player for my platform.
  • Available catalogues
    We have a catalogue available online. You can browse it choosing a genre in the upper left menu (Illuminated Manuscripts, Incunables, Rare Books, Cartography) and then choose the title you are interested in on the left menu. On each page, you will find a Get the PDF button to download a monographic PDF catalogue.
    Or, you can download our complete catalogue (it is 28mb PDF file, so please be patient while downloading it).